Tuesday, 22 July 2014

That time I let my boyfriend do my make up!

If you're a blogger, you will know that sometimes inspiration comes few and far between. You'll have days where you feel like a creative goddess and the blog posts just flow with ease, then you'll have moments where you do things like this ^^^ because you're in pretty desperate need of, 'material.' 

In all honesty though, this was probably one of the most fun posts that I have ever wrote. It's perhaps one of those, 'you had to be there' moments, so apologies if this just all seems a bit strange. Anyway, I don't even remember when I learnt how to apply make up. I remember experimenting as a child, but I guess you just take it for granted that you can now apply most things with ease these days. So, I thought I would challenge my very, non-artistic boyfriend with the task of doing me up. Partly because I wanted to see how he would handle the situation, but mostly for the sheer comedy value. 

Right, lets get down to the bit that you're most likely waiting for. Behold the, 'look' that Scott went for:

Down your brushes and mascara wands, because that right there is the future of beauty. Have you ever seen anything more magnificent?

If you're dying to achieve this look, then here's a little step-by-step guide to help you out:

1. Struggle with the bronzer packaging before having to be shown how to open it. Smile awkwardly, then proceed to slap bronzer all over your face because you're 100% sure that that's how it's done. Step back and admire your handiwork.

2. Next, apply your eye-shadow. Choose a colour based solely on your football team's home kit, before brushing it all over your lids - right up to your brows, taking care not to leave any piece of eyelid untouched. 

3. Here comes the tricky part - Eyeliner. Spend several minutes weighing up the differences between liquid and pencil liner, before using the, 'felt tip' kind because it looks easier. Scribble a line all around the upper and lower lash line. Don't worry about precision. Add some flicks because you're pretty sure that's what you've seen people do. Swear intermittently throughout this whole process because applying eyeliner is a tricky skill to master.

4. After taking several minutes to recover from the eyeliner ordeal, look for the brightest blusher available and dust this along your cheek bones. Simple. Even an idiot couldn't mess this one up. 

5. Pick up the mascara and call it eye paint stuff, then apply it liberally to the upper lashes. Take no care whatsoever and poke yourself in the eye a few times. It adds to the overall look that you're hoping to achieve. Smudge a bit of eye paint, (mascara) on your nose and then wipe it off using a face wipe. 

6. Finally, you will want to apply your lipstick. Choose a suitable shade and pick it up in your hands like you're holding a dagger. Attack your face with the lipstick dagger, smearing it on and around your lips. Nearly snap said lipstick and then feel very sheepish about it, before stepping back to admire your finished masterpiece.

7. After a subtle reminder from someone, remember that you need to fill in your eyebrows and adopt a state of panic. Pick up the eye liner again and inspect it for a few minutes before settling on the brown pencil. Feign slight interest as you colour in your eyebrows, making sure that they look, 'about even.' 

8. Smile, and feel very smug that you have successfully completed the challenge of applying your make up. 

Please feel free to pass on this tutorial to your family and friends. 

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Monday, 21 July 2014

My favourite bloggers - Part 1

Right, I deserve a slap on the wrist for the amount of time it has taken me to write this post! The blogging world is all about sharing the love and I've been a little bit like that grumpy Christmas person... What's his name? Ah, Scrooge. Yep, that's me. My only saving grace is that I did write this lovely ol' post here about my fave pictures from Instagram, but other than that, there has been minimal love sharing going on, on this page and I am truly very, very sorry! 

So, this post is a little thumbs up to some of the blogs I just can't get enough of! There are so many great blogs to choose from, so this is probably going to be a bit tricky!
Meet Amanda and Derik from Living in Another Language. Self-confessed, travel junkies who gave up their, 'normal' lives to travel the world, and blog about it along the way.

The biggest reason that I love reading this blog, is for the travel inspiration. It seems that Amanda and Derik have been there and done it all, (and taken fabulous pictures whilst at it!)  I particularly enjoyed their picture post on Boracay in the Philippines as this is somewhere that Scott and I would love to visit. Link here. I'll leave you with some snapshots from their page, but if you love to travel or enjoy looking at pictures of white sandy beaches, do check them out! 

Whitney Ellen is the author of I Wore Yoga Pants To Work and quite frankly, she's a a star! Yoga Pants was one of the very first blogs that I discovered and I have been hooked ever since. She's the kind of girl that makes me want to move to the States, just so we could be friends. Slightly stalkerish, yes... Bothered, no! However, after reading this post about her hilarious pooch, Sir, I think I'd be better off leaving Hamish and Ralph at home. 

Whitney has so many great posts, that I really cant choose my favourites, but if you fancy learning how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe, yes really then click here and this funny post about her having her identity stolen for a dating website, will no doubt have you in stitches! Do check her out, you won't regret it! 

Next on the list of my favourite bloggers is Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog. She describes herself as a biscuit eater, make-up hoarder and obsessive shopper. Definitely a girl after my own heart! 

Kirstie posts super-fabulous reviews on various beauty and skin care products, as well as a bunch of other great stuff too! Some of her recent posts include a review of an eyebrow palette from Hi Impact Brows, (Click here) and a post on her favourite lip colours for Summer, (Click here.)

My absolute favourite aspect of Kirstie's blog is the, 'Dress like Disney' feature that she runs, which now has it's own Instagram page too! (Link) Basically, Kirstie takes some well-known Disney characters, and scours the web to put together outfit posts that show you how to dress like your faves. I shall leave you with some of her best looks. 
Tink Jayne - All About Tink is one of the more recent blogs that I have really got stuck into. Her easy read posts and her friendly personality are most likely to be part of the reason that she has recently been shortlisted for the best lifestyle blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, (More information here) Well done girl!

I enjoyed reading one of Tink Jayne's latest posts, in which she reviews her New Years resolutions and gives us a bit of an update on how she is getting on with them so far. (Link) I also loved her post on DIY image transferring, (Link) which had me itching to go out and buy the pens and make prints of just about everything that I could get my hands on!

As well as having fab content, Tink Jayne is one of the nicest blogger people I've encountered and she always takes the time to write funny and thoughtful comments on posts. Serious blogger brownie points! Make sure you click the links and have a nosey at her page. 

So, that is the end of, My favourite bloggers - Part 1. I really hope that, if you don't already know these lovely bloggers, you go and check out their pages and have a read of what's on offer. I PROMISE I will do part 2, and maybe 3 or 4 soon. Until next time...
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Visiting Porvoo - Finland

On Saturday, Scott and I decided to do the touristy thing and take a little drive over to the picturesque city/town of Porvoo. (It's referred to as both; although I'm sure it is technically a city.) Situated about 40 minutes outside of Helsinki, Porvoo is an ideal location for those wanting to explore a little more of what Finland has to offer.

Porvoo is Finland's second oldest town and is comprised of the old town, the new town and the Empire quarter. Scott and I visited the old town which is made up of quaint cobbled streets, quirky little shops and stalls and more cafes/restaurants than you could possibly ever wish for. 

Situated by the river, wooden former warehouses have become one of the main attractions in Porvoo, due to their unique, brick-red colour. Most of the old town is made up of wooden houses, similarly painted in a mixture of brights and soft pastel colours. 

We couldn't resist stopping off for ice-cream down by the water front as it was a scorcher of a day! Scott opted for a vanilla cone, whilst I went for a yummy mint chocolate tub. 

At the top of a small hill sits Porvoo's historic cathedral which overlooks the wooden rooftops and cobbled streets below. There was a wedding taking place when we arrived so we took a few pictures, cheered along with everyone as the newlyweds emerged from the building and then swiftly left them to it. 

We headed waterside for a spot of lunch at one of the cafes. There's a number of places that offer the chance of eating aboard a boat, moored up along the banking. We decided to stay on dry land - mostly due to the fact that there were a scary number of seagulls circling said boats and I didn't really fancy being pooped on. 

Once we had eaten our late lunch, we headed back down the cobbled streets to explore the souvenir shops, before heading home. 

If you ever find yourself in Southern Finland, Porvoo is definitely worth a day trip as there is so much to see and take in, especially when the weather is nice during the Summer months. Make sure you wear sensible footwear if you are visiting the old town as those cobbled streets are tricky, even in flats. Most of all, make sure you pack a camera so you can capture the lovely scenery at its finest!
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sugar and Spice...

And all things nice, that's what little girls are made of... apparently. I'm probably made with a few french fries, several Cosmopolitan cocktails and a sprinkle of glitter for good measure. To be honest, that's all neither here nor there. I'm just writing a long-winded introduction to these gorgeously girly bits and pieces, sure to even tempt some of the toughest girls out there. Enjoy!

Sweater - John Lewis
Phone case - Shopbop

Earrings - Dollydagger
Scrunchies - Forever 21

Tote bag - River Island

Flowerbomb perfume - Sephora
Peplum top - Vero Moda
Too Faced blusher - Boots

Gingham cropped sweater - Topshop
Floral boots - ASOS
Flower choker - ASOS
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday waffle...

Happy Friday girls and boys. I'm currently sitting on my balcony in my bed knickers, you know those big ass pants with daft cartoons on and stuff that you only wear in bed? Yea, those, and a T-shirt rolled up with the bottom tucked through the neck hole bit, to make some kind of crop style top - Like how you did as a child. I must have earned myself some serious fashion brownie points with this ensemble. Go me!

The reason I'm sitting on the balcony is because the weather is bloody glorious and, if the last couple of months are anything to go by, this is a very welcome novelty in Finland. Although, on a recent trip to the dentist, I was informed that the wet, rainy summer we have been experiencing; isn't usually the norm for this part of the country. It would appear that the Finnish climate has just decided to be an asshole this year; however this doesn't make me feel much better about the situation. So yea, I'm making the most of it. 

I woke up this morning with a text message from my boyfriend informing me that he'd been reading some health and safety stats at work and apparently some poor soul in Chile had shot himself in the todger with a nail gun. I don't know if this is a recent accident or goes back some; but I couldn't help but feel for the guy. He then informed me that genital related injuries were the second highest occurring accident on sites around the world with this specific company, and I couldn't help but think what the hell they must all be getting up to during the working day!? Perhaps it is better if we leave this conversation here. I mean, really? What are you playing at?

In other news, I ate four shortbread biscuits this morning. Okay, it was five, but it doesn't really make much  difference. I'm technically, 'dieting' at the moment so I've hidden the evidence in the cupboard and I'm going to pretend it never happened. That means the calories don't count right? I don't know if this counts, but the shortbread in question is Welsh shortbread. I didn't even know that Welsh shortbread was a thing. I always thought everyone left shortbread making responsibilities to the Scottish. Anyway, it was decent shortbread so high-five to Wales. 

I also raised the question on Twitter this morning, 'Does anyone else sing to their pets?' I'm no Leona Lewis, (Is she still around?) but I sing to my guinea pigs pretty much every day. I like to think that they enjoy it; but they probably have no idea what I'm doing. They aren't just offered the usual chart music though, OH NO! I make songs up as I go along and sing entire, (one-sided) conversations to them. I guess this behaviour is probably on some sort of mild psychosis check list, and the men in white coats will be knocking at my door within the next hour; but I don't care. Someone has to appreciate my terrible singing and seeing as they can't answer back, they've become my willing/unwilling audience. I'm probably categorised as one of those crazy pet ladies. I'm cool with that. 

One thing you notice when sitting in the sun, is that people are infinitely tougher than technological items. I'm pretty concerned for the health and general well-being of my laptop just now. It seems to be making all sorts of uncomfortable noises. Same for my iPhone. What is that little temperature warning message all about? I'm hot too but I don't go shutting down and refusing to work! Are we all in agreement that technology should man up? On that note, I must pop the old machinery inside before it starts some Will Smith, I, Robot style rebellion against its mistreatment and ruins this lovely, sunny day for everyone involved. Apologies for today's wittery post. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

I shall leave you with this picture of Hamish looking most upset after her bath yesterday. She hates a wash.


Cheers to the weekend! 
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